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Waterford Elementary School in Waterford VA
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The New Waterford Elementary School – Actions & Issues

What YOU can do to to influence the size of our school »

The Loundoun County School Board has proposed that the current Waterford Elementary School be demolished in 2007 and a new, two story school be built to accommodate hundreds of additional students. This proposal needs to be analyzed carefully so that it doesn't adversly affect the local water table, traffic safety, and the historic nature of the Waterford Historic District.

Recommendations from the Parent Teachers Organization (PTO), the Waterford Citizens' Association (WCA), and the Waterford Foundation

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Actions and issues concerning the proposed increased size of the Waterford Elementary School (WES) in the village of Waterford in Loudoun County, Virginia

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elementary school classroom
How large should a school be?

water faucet
Will the school's water use affect the Village?

country road near the Waterford School
Are our country roads safe?


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