The Village of Waterford, Virginia
   A National Historic Landmark

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"The proceeds from the fair are used to carry out the Foundation's mission of preserving Waterford's history."

Waterford Homes Tour and Crafts Exhibit
October 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2006

"The Fair is a great event to bring your entire family
• Learn how early furniture, tools, and housewares were made
• Enjoy music and entertainment for both adults and kids
• Great food - from fresh made apple cider to Loudoun sausage
• Visit historic homes and see how America lived in the 1800's "

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singers at the corner storeEvery year since 1943, the Waterford Foundation has run this annual fair. The entire village is closed to cars giving plenty of room for our 10,000 daily visitors. With hundreds of juried crafts persons exhibiting their wares and demonstrating their skill, the Exhibit is an important annual event in the Washington DC area. Along with watching and conversing with these exhibitors, there is also music and dancing, civil war reenactments, citizens in historical costumes, and great food.

As one of America's first community preservation organizations, the Foundation has as its mission to preserve and protect the Waterford National Historic Landmark. The Foundation began in 1943. At that time, a few residents were just beginning to reclaim and restore the 18th and 19th century vernacular architectural heritage of this former center of the agrarian economy of northwestern Loudoun County. Their early efforts were rewarded in 1970 when the village and its surrounding open space were designated a National Historic Landmark.

Today the Foundation's mission is to preserve and protect the Landmark. These activities include the renovation of historic buildings, the running of a living history program at Waterford�s one-room schoolhouse for Loudoun County school children, the sponsorship of a lecture series on issues related to the stewardship of old houses and other historic properties, and the sponsorship of a concert series held in Waterford's Old School auditorium.


Waterford Citizens' Association Barbecue
Some of the best food at the
Waterford Homes Tour and Crafts Exhibit!

BBQ photos »

Join the thousands that visit our BBQ stand at the Waterford Fair each year. We offer great BBQ sandwiches (pork or chicken with coleslaw); BBQ ribs; plus brownies, freshly made apple cider, and soft drinks. Barbecue is provided by Red, Hot&Blue.

We are located by the old school house
WCA BBQ stand in Waterford Virginia




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