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Waterford Citizens' Association
Membership Application

Membership Form
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Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to the area. I would like to invite you to join the Waterford Citizens' Association (WCA). The association was established in 1947 to support the Waterford School District community in the preservation of its historical heritage and to promote citizen involvement. The WCA is a local organization concerned with the health, welfare, and other civic concerns of the community.

Some of our functions include:

  • Advocacy and information gathering for civic concerns such as continuance of small community schools, problems with traffic on roads in and around the village, planning and zoning matters related to the village, adequate water supply, etc.
  • Funding and organizing Fourth of July celebrations including a parade, games, pot luck dinner, and a great fireworks display
  • Beautifying the historic village and its neighborhood including the planting of flowers and trees
  • Publication of the Waterford community directory
  • Contributions to nonprofit organizations such as volunteer fire department and rescue squads
  • Maintenance of the Civil War-era Union Cemetery
  • Funding for the electric bill for the village street lights

The association holds quarterly meetings plus special meetings as required. Our primary fundraising activities include a barbecue stand at the annual Waterford Homes Tour and Crafts Exhibit each October and annual dues from members.

If you wish to become a member, please print and fill out the membership form and send it along with a check for $10 individuals, $20 per household ( See below for the full dues' structure) to: WCA, PO Box 109, Waterford, VA 20197 (Checks should be payable to the Waterford Citizens' Association).

Thank you for your support.

Tom Edmonds
President, Waterford Citizens' Association

* Dues schedule:
Inside the WCA boundaries: Individual member--$10 (1 vote); Household (2 votes)--$20; Business (1 vote)--$50; Nonprofit organization(1 vote)--$20
Outside the WCA boundaries: Associate Individual--$10; Associate household--$20; Associate Business--$50; Associate Nonprofit orgainization--$20. Associate members, those that live outside the WCA boundaries Area, do not have a vote, but otherwise participate in all WCA activities.
Youth membership: (15 to 18 years) requires no dues, only registration with the Treasurer.


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