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Waterford Foundation Publications

The Waterford Foundation has prepared a number of books and publications that cover the history and development of Waterford. To find the price of a listed publication or to place an order, go to the Waterford Foundations' web Book Nook. You may also call the Foundation at (540) 882-3018.

African-American History

Rock in a Weary Land, a Shelter in a Time of Storm, by John and Bronwen Souders
History of Waterford’s black community from the 1700’s to the present with the role of area Quakers described, indexed and illustrated, with time line and selected listing of Virginia’s Black Laws. The book draws on information from censuses, deeds, wills and family histories.

Share With Us
An interpretive guide to Waterford’s African-American heritage. This can be used as a walking tour guide with each set of sites grouped roughly by location in the village. A labeled map of the village is at the centerfold.

Civil War

Crossing the Line, by Taylor Chamberlin and James Peshek  More »
An examination of a war-time customs ledger which provides invaluable insight into cross border travel between the North and South during the Civil War. More than 6,000 entries record the names and other information about those who were permitted by Union authorities to cross the Potomac River to purchase supplies during the war. CD-ROM also available with entire list of names and analysis of the material.

To Talk Is Treason, edited and annotated by Bronwen Souders, John Souders, John Divine
The story with journal extracts of three remarkable young Quaker women living in Civil War Waterford who published a pro-Union newspaper. This underground newspaper is put into historical context by several essays written by local historian John Divine.

The Waterford News, introduced and annotated by Taylor Chamberlin, Bronwen Souders, John Souders
Facsimile copies of all eight copies of Waterford’s underground newspaper published by three Quaker girls in Confederate Virginia in 1864-1865 with an explanatory introduction. This provides a fascinating and moving account of the Civil War as it affected lives in one corner of Virginia.

General History

The Burning Cow Question, edited and annotated by John Souders  More »
Highly entertaining and informative synopsis of the minutes of Waterford’s town council’s minutes from 1891-1910. A wonderful picture of a small town and its inhabitants at the turn of the century.

Made In Waterford, by Fred Johnson and Brown Morton
Booklet made for the exhibition at the 1994 Craft Fair of the furniture of chair and cabinet makers John Mount, William T. Mount and Lewis N. Hough. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in or collecting local furniture, this book illustrates and discusses in detail the different styles of the various local craftsmen of the nineteenth century.

Walk With Us
Walking guide to the village of Waterford. This booklet is arranged by street and has photographs of each building with explanatory notes. A map at the centerfold shows the village at a glance.

When Waterford and I Were Young, by John Divine with Bronwen and John Souders  More »
Beloved Northern Virginia historian John Divine looks back affectionately at the village of his youth. His roots extend back six generations; his co-authors completed what the late historian began, adding historical context and rounding out his anecdotes.


National Men’s Chorus CD
CD recorded on 12 November 2000 at the Old School in Waterford of Thomas Beveridge, artistic director of the National Men’s Chorus, with Markus Compton, pianist. This performance was part of the Waterford foundation’s regular Concert Series.


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