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Waterford was settled by Quakers Waterford was pro Union Waterford was an active mill town Waterford was the second largest town in Loudoun before 1860 Waterford's history is its people Change comes to Waterford Furniture making was an important part of Waterford
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About the book, The Burning Cow Question
And Other Tales From The Waterford Town Council

Edited and annotated by John M. Souders

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burning cow publicationThis website has included a number of excerts from The Burning Cow Question and Other Tales From The Waterford Town Council 1891-1909. This publication gives humorous and serious stories taken from the minutes of the Waterford Town Council from 1891-1909.

From the back cover of the book:

Packed into these pages are answers to questions about Waterford,
Virginia, in the gay nineties that you are too polite to ask:

  • Just how much manure is too much?
  • What happened when the post-election jolliffication got out of hand?
  • How did the ladies soil their balbriggans?
  • at was the town sergeant doing with those chickens?
  • Was there something fishy about the milk?
  • Who was caught violating certain moral laws ?
  • What are the shocking facts about Dr. Connell's galvanic bath?
  • Was the livery stable really a den of sin ?
         . . . or was the death an accident?
  • And what about Mrs. Brown's ordeal?

Nothing is held back in this exclusive probe into the long-hidden
files of Waterford's old Town Council.


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