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Waterford Post Office

About Loudoun County's eary post offices »

The third oldest in Loudoun after Leesburg in 1793 and Middleburg in 1797, was a tribute to the industry of the Quaker families who began settling the area around Janney's Mill in the late 1730s

First Waterford Virginia post office
First Waterford Post Office

As early as 1809, Quaker Daniel Stone lived in the Hillside House on Bond Street and operated Waterford's first post office. The house remained in his family until at least 1875, when a map indicates his daughter Rachel Hollingsworth was living here. A one-and-a-half-story stone miller's house built shortly after Francis Hague's cottage stood adjacent to Hillside's east elevation until about 1920, when it was demolished to make room for a chicken yard.

Currently the Post Office is located at the corner of Main and Second Streets and has been in this location since 1897.


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Waterford Post Office
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